Stainless kettle 1.7 L

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* Stainless kettle and Glass teapot .

* 1.7 L kettle and 1.0L teapot. 

* Features Quiet boil technology, ideal for those who value peace with their brew, reducing the boiling noise by up to 70 percent. 

* Rapid boil zones for easy measurability with one cup taking only 45 seconds to boil and one cup is equal to 235 ml of water.

* Removable, washable filter to remove impurities for a cleaner brew.

* Weight of the piece 2.600 KG.

watt 1850
volt 220
HZ 50
Width 27 CM
Height 43 CM
Length 19 CM
capcitiy Capacity 1.7 L kettle and 1.0L teapopt - سعة 1.7 لتر وأناء الشاي 1.0 لتر
Color Silver

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